A.y. 2016-17

Public Economics – Theory and Empirics of Government (Prof. Florio)

Labour and social mobility (Prof. Pica) 

Applied Energy Economics (Prof. Galeotti)

Environmental economics (Prof. Bosello)



A.y. 2015-2016


The economics of large-scale R&D projects: cost-benefit analysis (Prof. Massimo Florio)

Experimental Methods in Economics (Prof. Guala)

Regulatory Economics: Advanced Topics (Prof. Cavaliere)



A.y 2014-15

Applied Energy Economics (Prof. Marzio Galeotti)

Economics of Migration (Prof. Tommaso Frattini)

Experimental Economics (Prof. Francesco Guala)

Labour Economics (Prof. Daniele Checchi)

Regulatory Economics (Prof. Alberto Cavaliere)

Trade (Prof. Giovanni Facchini)


A.y. 2013-2014


Labour Economics (Prof. Daniele Checchi)

Competition and regulation in 2-sided markets (Prof. Peitz)

Firms’ Strategies, Market Structure and Bargaining in Two-tier industries (Prof. Petrakis)

Short Course on the Econometric Methods to Estimate Causal Effects (Prof. Becker)