PhD Program

The first year of the doctoral program is mainly dedicated to the attendance of taught courses (lectures and classes) and relative exams. Students also carry out study activities as well as participate in reading groups and workshops, in order to identify the topic which will then become the subject of their doctoral thesis. First-year teaching represents a combination of “core courses” and “field courses”. Core courses cover the traditional areas of modern economics (microeconomics, macroeconomics and econometrics), while field courses are specialized or thematic courses, offered as electives. The mandatory educational activities, mostly common to the entire class, represent an important element to create a cohesive team of students capable of interacting and cooperating, as well as to build a spirit of group identity. During the first year each student is assigned a tutor. Personal tutors advise students regarding their academic career.

The second and third years are mainly dedicated to research, conducted either in Italy or abroad, in doctoral programs belonging to structured networks and part of bilateral mobility agreements. Students participate in research seminars, workshops, reading groups and other educational activities; they also attend modules or courses. Each student is assigned a supervisor, who leads the student’s research activity and evaluates the student’s progress. During the third year each student is monitored also by a second supervisor.